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Medusa in the Underworld reappears for us in Dante's Divine Comedy (Inferno, IX, 55-7)
The poetry of James A. Percival.
Ovid: Fasti
Poseidon also sired Arion, another immortal coursier TS, and the horses of Achilles were
reputed immortal, a gift bestowed by the sea-god .
The theatre is still used today.
One may admire such horses, presently in the British Museum.
Two fountain sources of this spring have survived.
“who know and rule all minstrelsy”: Hymn to Selene , Percy B. Shelley
Silver Tetradrachm Athens around 450 B.C. ( With a crescent moon )
:Athens abbreviated.
Mynods :  Today’s Turkish name for Myndos is Gümüslük (a place for silver).
Perseus was the son of Zeus and Danae.
The magnificent large-scale Arezzo bronze sculpture is amongst the best-known representations
the chimaera and is now to be seen in the Arezzo Museum. It is thanks to the Medici of
this bronze was unearthed.
Snakes were one of Athena's specific attributes.
Over one hundred vases attributed to Kleophrades may be admired today but his name only
appears once as a signature upon a cup presently in Paris.
Best seen in October.
It is the seventh largest constellation.
The slaying of the Chimaera appears in Homer's Iliad written circa 750BC.
For the Origines of the Chimaera, see biblio .
See :
The theatre is still in use today.
Custom granted the Muses altars rather than temples and in schools, shrines named mouseion from which we have the word “museum”.
One of the oldest works known on the subject of horseback riding.
A sixth century B.C. construction and now part of Syracuse Cathedral.